Designing special thematic walks in museum to make art accessible and fun!

Client: Delhi Walk Festival

What I did: Design and Conceptualisation, Research,Facilitation and Walk Lead

Date : 2016 – 2018

Throwing little pixie dust on museums, I am designing thematic walks in museums to makes them accessible and fun! I led independent museum walks as well as walks for Delhi Walk Festival. 

The idea is take the participants through selected galleries unravelling untold stories, discuss artists and their language, marvel at the  beauty around us and investigate, question, and  reflect on the ideas of the past to better understand our present. 

The first curated walk in the series was ‘Love and Longing in Indian Art’ at the National Museum, Delhi in February. In the month of Valentine’s, it was a museum date with stories of love! Participants were invited to immerse in the ecstatic thrill of moonlit rendezvous, the sensuous exchange of glances and subtle wayward eyes, witty poetic metaphors and ancient love lore from Hindu mythology and folklore 

My second walk in March was ‘Ladies only: Representation of Women in Modern Indian Art’ at National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi. It was the March of women’s empowerment! The walk directed the participant’s gaze to the sensual, exotic, depraved and divine representation of women and their bodies in visual art from pre-independence to the contemporary era. Using storytelling, dense art historical information about artists and their art was made light and fun.

The carefully curated walk took participants through paintings and sculptures representing women as well as artworks by women artists. The walk focused on how ideas of desirable and undesirable femininity is constructed, the changing notion of beauty and morality and how dissent is visually communicated to depict an alternative to traditional womanhood. 

I am chuffed and humbled at the response I have got so far. I am thankful to my walk co- facilitators Adhitya Dhanapal and Shatavisha Mustafi who have supported me in the delivery of these walks.  

My walk Ladies Only : Representation of Women in Modern Indian Art was covered by Scroll Magazine.

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