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Culture Connectors

Culture Connectors

Using new media and contemporary image making to make heritage accessible

Supported by: Prince Claus Foundation/ British Council

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India and the world

Customised learning toolkit and educator’s workshop for exhibition at National Museum

Client : National Museum, New Delhi, India

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Museum Walks

Museum walks

Designing special thematic walks in museum to make art accessible and fun!

Client: Delhi Walk Festival

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Heritage Education

Introducing heritage sites in the city of Delhi as a thriving eco-system of learning

Client: Private Schools, Delhi

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Hand to Heart

A special 3 day program to understand the traditional arts and crafts of India

Client: Mayo College Girls’s School, Ajmer, India

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Life after waste

Hands-on program to understand waste management and waste production in city

Client: Welham Girls’ school, Dehradun, India

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An interactive life size game of snake and ladder conceptualised and painted by 9 years old Golden Group kids.

Language Arts Learning

Designing and delivering creative lessons that integrate arts in education for 8-14 year olds  

Client: Auromira School, Kechla, India

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